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Stairlifts for Narrow Stairs are a great choice if the user is able to stand on the stairlift. They are usually installed in homes have a narrow staircase and can also work great for users who can’t bend their knees or hip joints as a result of medical condition or injury.

For straight or curved staircases

Ergonomic design

Accessibility for all


The award-winning Flow2 Stairlift comes with a unique foldable design which is perfect for narrow stairs. Manufactured using the latest and patented technology like the Advanced Swivel Technology.

Its unique design means the Flow2 can be installed on any side of the staircase as narrow as 610mm. With its unique ASL technology, the Flow2 can turn while in motion. It's one of the most adaptable stairlifts on the market.

The Flow2 is not only designed for functionality. It’s also comfortable and safe. It’s unlimited customisation options means you can decide to either get your stairlift to stand out or remain discrete by blending it with the rest of the finishing.


The HomeGlide Stairlift is the brainchild of constant research and consultation between engineers, ergo-therapists and stairlift users. The stairlift is designed to provide comfort, safety and security to the user.

Move between all levels of your home in comfort and safety in an easy to use state of the art stairlift designed to solve all your mobility challenges. The simple but sturdy nature of the HomeGlide makes it quick to install and easy to use even for seniors.

Some of the features added to HomeGlide stairlift include a built-in soft start and stop, joystick controls, battery backup and the stairlift can hold up to 138kgs.
The minimal footprint makes this stairlift a must have for users that have limited stair space and want a stairlift that will fit in the narrow spaces.

Just like our other options, the user is always consulted and involved in the designing of the chair to give it a personal feel that makes the stairlift easier to use. You can choose to customise the finish and railing of your stairlift to stand out or blend into your home.

HomeGlide Extra

The HomeGlide Extra is a premium option for users looking for a premium experience. It’s an improvement of the HomeGlide offering a better experience and better performance for the users. The most standout feature you can enjoy with this state of the art is the numerous customisations options in terms of colour and finishing.

For homes with multiple stairlift users, the HomeGlide Extra is an excellent addition. It comes with a height adjustable seat with up to four different positions. You also enjoy the ergonomically designed armrests which fold inwards, so you feel more secure when the seat is moving.

The HomeGlide Extra is suited for users who want extra convenience and additional features that will make it easier for them to move around their home.

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Over the years, we have built an understanding of the different challenges that the elderly and people with mobility challenges face in their homes. Using our understanding and experience in the field, we have come up with innovative designs of perch stairlifts that will not only help you grow your business but will also revolutionise and make it easy for your clients to move around their homes.

While the standing stairlifts are designed to provide your clients with mobility, we also acknowledge that space can be a premium. So much so that in some cases, the staircase might be narrow which would make it difficult to install a standard size stairlift. You don’t have to turn your customers away. At Access BDD, we have different types of standing stairlifts that you can order and they will match the different needs of your clients.

Downward facing stairlift

This is a space-saving stairlift designed with elderly users who might have problems standing on the stairlift but still need the mobility that such equipment offers. With a downward facing stairlift, your clients can avoid clash points in their home. They also help to capitalise on the limited space on your staircases.

At Access BDD, we want to help you impress your clients and grow your business. Other than building functional stairlifts, we also prioritise the comfort and preference of our clients that makes it easier for them to adapt to our standing stairlifts. With the downward facing stairlift, your clients can choose the upholstery they would prefer and also go for the custom railing. The process of customised downward facing stairlifts is the same as conventional stairlifts and we always put our best foot forward.

Narrow stairlifts for inclined and curved staircases

At Access BDD, we have invested in years of design and innovation to come up with creative and practical stairlifts for every situation your client might be facing.

Our range of customised stairlifts for narrow stairs include varieties for curved and inclined staircases. All of the stairlifts in this range are made to measure and we offer different features that make it easier for your clients to overcome the obstacles in their homes.

With our expertise and experience, we will help you build a brand by providing you with reliable, quality and customised stairlifts for narrow curved and inclined staircases.

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Choosing us means you pick an experienced partner with multiple years in the industry. We have built stairlifts for over two decades and we can guarantee the best possible results for you and your clients. Over the years we have come with incredible stairlift designs and technologies. With us, you have an edge over your competition with a reliable and knowledgeable supplier.

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In case you or your clients run into any problems with our systems or you need clarification, you will always have a reliable team of experienced and trained customer support waiting to help you at all times. With us, you will always have a good and timely response to all your customers. With our reliable support system, you can build a loyal customer base.